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Noscendo offers a completely new way of identifying pathogens. Through a paradigm shift based on proprietary algorithms and software harnessing next-generation sequencing, Noscendo identifies pathogens from patient samples. In this way, we help physicians in their daily work to make the right decisions in difficult situations in a relevant time frame.

DISQVER® can be used for

Acute and severe infections

DISQVER's broad coverage of pathogens, while being highly sensitive even under or after anti-infective therapy gives you a reliable tool to detect pathogens in acute infectious episodes like sepsis, peritonitis, pneumonia. DISQVER works with single standard blood draw and prevents invasive biopsies in critical patients.


DISQVER's rapid detection of pathogens in the field of oncology can be used during neutropenic fever, neutropenia in general as well as a tool to monitor a patient after chemo therapy or other immuno-suppressive actions. DISQVER can also be used to identify a potential cause of infection when the patient presents with fever of unknown origin (FUO).


Using DISQVER in regular intervals after transplantations can help to monitor the course of the patient and steer antibiotic stewardship towards a beneficial patient experience with regard to appropriate anti-infective regiments administerd (i.e. deescalate or even prevent anti-infective therapy to minimize side effects)


DISQVER's broad coverage of pathogens gives you the ability to detect even hard to cultivate, or not easy accessible pathogens in the setting of endocarditis. Giving you an non-invasive option to tailor your treatment on evidence.

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